Much of my work explores and records the landscape, the subject within the landscape, warm and cool colours and light and dark.  The views which surround me daily are a direct source of inspiration which I find endlessly fascinating and challenging.

I initially created abstract watercolours based on the wild landscape and light of West Clare, culminating in my first exhibition, held in Cork in 2004.  As the work developed, the subject matter became more representational, the perspective more traditional, and I began to work in oil on canvas.

 I work on a number of paintings simultaneously. This allows me to transport certain elements from one piece to the next. Each painting shares some details with the other works in a series.

I work mostly in my studio, using field studies and photo reference. I analyse, plan and imagine what I want to do in a painting.  Some subjects work best as small paintings, some as large. Often I will add an element that better compliments the colours, values and shapes of the subject matter.  Changes that will enhance or strengthen a painting are considered and then employed to that end.

 I have completed commissioned pieces for various clients and work for both solo and group exhibitions. I was born in Youghal, Co. Cork, where I live and work as a full-time artist.